The Original BootyHook™ was created by brothers, Matt and Paul Weal, in Long Beach, CA and also at Weal Brothers Molding in Camarillo, California.

Back in the 1980's, Matt had learned to surf with some help from his brother Chris, and he surfed from his adolescence on up through college, where he studied engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

With some help from The Good Lord above, Matt graduated college and joined the workforce in the mid-1990's. On surf sessions before and after work, Matt would discover that his booties would never dry fast enough, or dry completely, from the time that he had washed them, until he was on his next session. Consequently, his booties were oftentimes cold and clammy when he would be puting them on. And they usually didn't smell too good either!   Fuchi!

He began brainstorming, and put his engineering knowledge to good use, in order to create the first rendition of his "bootie hanger" in 2001. At that time, he made a few prototypes out of modified plastic clothes-hangers, with a little help from a propane torch. These were good enough for conceptual models, but they lacked the strength and integrity to actually use for their intended purpose.

Next was a prototype made from plywood, but it was not too durable either. Finally, he and Paul, built a fully-functional prototype, out of plastic that they made at the shop. This prototype was finally rugged enough to actually use and abuse! So, after a trial period, the brothers began work on the production tooling, and produced the means to create what has evolved to become, The Original BootyHook™!

Thanks for checking out our product and our history. We hope you will like your BootyHook™ as much as we do.

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